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My First Farcry... well, plugin is the term now, take 3.1

Alright. We have successful email creation in place. You can also assign a rule and a webskin to the rule. The final piece is adding the massMailerUser object to the massMailerList object via an online form. This should be completed tonight, family willing, and I'll start the break down/analysis of what each file does, and why. Thank you ray for the use of code tags, which ya'll will see extensive use of tomorrow ;).

Update: so close to the finish I can almost taste it... however, it's late. I need to sit in on performance tests tomorrow morning, so it will need to wait until tomorrow afternoon to finish up. The good news, though, is it works! I need to cull the deadwood of copied functions from the core/admin/facade/library.cfm that will not be used, but it appears that everything is working as it should. Yay!

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