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Add bulk file uploads to FarCry 5.x

If you look in the content administration section of the FarCry admin, you'll find a handy little flex tool for uploading multiple images. Sadly, there is no matching tool for uploading bulk documents.

Have no fear, as the source will set you free! The flex UI component that pulls off the Image uploads is also available from the Daemonites at http://svn1.cvsdude.com/modius/farcry/flexUI/multipleImageUploader/trunk/. It is, however, a tad out of date. And unless you know flex... it's a bit of a pain as well to get it up and running. However, I've included a handy little zip that contains a complete working flex project if you should so choose.

So, I changed the flex UI piece to be named "Multiple Files Upload" and also changed the default CFM files being called (you can pass values in) to the correct file upload pieces. The files you'll need are:


You'll also need to add a link to the webtop in your customadmin\customadmin.xml like (this goes into the current "content" section):

<subsection id="contentpublishing" sequence="10" label="Content Publishing">
            <menu id="MediaLibraryContent" sequence="20" label="Media Assets">
                <menuitem id="bulkfileupload" sequence="31" label="Bulk File Upload" link="/admin/multipleFilesUploader.cfm" />

Reload your application, and that's it. You should now have the ability to upload multiple flies (.pdf, .doc, .zip only... you can modify the flex/swf to accept other attachments as well).

UPDATE: I added a new URL param, fileList and extension. You can now control the file list through the multipleFilesUploader.cfm. Updated the zip to reflect this.


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Jake Churchill's Gravatar I don't know if you are taking requests, but it'd be nice to see the list of files the swf will accept come from a config file somewhere (config options in FC or an XML file somewhere). That way you wouldn't have to recompile the thing every time a simple change like this is made.

Just my $0.02. Nice work on modifying it to work with files though.
# Posted By Jake Churchill | 5/4/09 1:35 PM
Matthew Williams's Gravatar Well, you should be able to pass in such a list in the flashvars... let me see how difficult that would be to implement.
# Posted By Matthew Williams | 5/4/09 1:44 PM
Matthew Williams's Gravatar It seems I can do this. The updated zip with this feature is in place.
# Posted By Matthew Williams | 5/4/09 2:41 PM
Mike's Gravatar Hey Matthew,

I tried downloading the .zip for this and there appears to be a corruption in the file.

Any chance you could email me a copy.

Kind Regards,
# Posted By Mike | 8/3/12 1:24 AM
Matthew Williams's Gravatar I've tried the download in Firefox and Chrome and it seems to opening (and extracting) for me.
# Posted By Matthew Williams | 8/4/12 11:17 AM