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Matthew Williams Resume

Qualifications:  Mr WIlliams is very fluent in HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, ColdFusion, Web based database interaction, dynamic content delivery, and other web technologies.  He wishes to find a position which challenges my skills and abilities every day, and I'm quite willing to learn new technologies and tools.  He is quite skilled in administrating Windows based networks, and has an MIS degree with which to support this.  

CURRENT POSITION:  EXCEL, Web Developer (January 2006 to Present)

Duties/Responsibilities:  Mr. Williams responsibilities include monitoring and maintaining the ColdFusion 8 and ColdFusion 9 environments. He is part of the Web Application hosting services for the existing EPA customers.  Jobs Performed:. Installed ColdFusion on new servers to add into existing clusters, Researched and installed software to facilitate adding new machines to a cluster a more automated experience, Help existing customers with issues with their hosted code, Installed and tested applications using Mercury LoadRunner.

As a ColdFusion Developer - Web Application Developer - ColdFusion Administrator with Geodesic GraFX, (August 2004 - Present), Mr Williams own freelance company has done several web sites. Examples Dealership For LIfe, Trax LLC, Geodesic GraFX, etc. Specializing in ColdFusion hosted sites, using the Farcry CMS, Geodesic GraFX helps deliver content rich sites that are easy to maintain.  Geodesic GraFX also created a cutting edge, web application CRM that's integrated within the Farcry environment.

As Web Developer - Documenter - ColdFusion Administrator with EXTOL International, Inc. (October 2000 – August 2006), Mr Williams was responsible for any and all content and image creation as it pertains to the EXTOL website. He also maintained the database links used by said site. The support website also falls under my care. Recently, we've moved into a ColdFusion based CMS (Farcry) to better deliver content, documentation, and facilitate more content control by the marketing department.  He was responsible for creating an order processing system in VB6 for the purpose of invoice billing. He is also experienced at creating Crystal Report files.  He currently also reside on the documentation staff and am responsible for creating several supporting documents.  Past experience is also with an emulated AS400 environment for the Windows PC.


B.S. Management Information Systems Alvernia College 2004
A.S. Management Information Systems McCann's School of  2002


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