919 - 926 - 9847

ColdFusion Web Design, Consulting & Server Administration

Who am you? 

I'm a ColdFusion Professional, that's been working on ColdFusion since version 4.01, right on up through version 9.x.  I enjoy administering servers, deploying web applications, and being a father of five kids.

What do you do?

If you need a ColdFusion website built, administered, or upgraded, I'm up to the task.  If you need help tracking down server issues, I'm proficient in that arena as well.  If you'd like a server built and maintained, from Windows to Linux, I've got you covered as well.  I'm free to do consulting, but only nights and weekends.

What systems do you work on?

How can I contact you?

I prefer to be contacted by email, but if you're compelled to do so, I can be reached at 919 - 926 - 9847 as well.

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