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Gobless you Daemon, and Gobless open source

I've been tracking down a funky memory issue as of late, and it's down to some of the caching being done on one of my FarCry HTML objects. Essentially, the PS Old Gen fills up, and during the course of trying to run a GC on it, one of my four CPU cores just goes AWOL. I'll kill the thread in htop, and the Resin watchdog service will automagically fire back up, and within about 3 minutes we're good to go.

After having something concrete to pass to team Daemon, I'm truly thrilled to have gotten a response back in just a few hours time. Turns out, Daemon has already been working on the objectBroker caching abilities. They now keep a watch on memory use, and automatically start clearing objects out of cache should memory start to go downhill.

I've been watching FusionReactor off and on for the past 3 hours, and I think this fix has nailed the problem. Before, a GC wouldn't bring memory down past 70% or so. Now, it's coming back down to 50%. Combine that with FusionReactor watching for super long running requests, and I think I can now go back to my customer and tell them we can expect no more major slow downs or memory issues. I love open source communities!

If you're looking for this fix, you can find it in both the p610 branch and p600 branch

Thank you team Intergral!

As mentioned on the last post, I used FusionReactor to help with tracking down memory issues. I'm not new to the FR boat, as we've used it on my day job for several years to help keep the various CF servers operating under large amounts of load. I've not really dealt with support, beyond requesting activation help, before this past week.

However, that all changed this week. I run Railo/Resin and Apache on all of my current hosted projects, the main reason being Railo is pretty darn fast, and at the right price. Yes, I get that Resin is pretty out dated, but I've not had time to rip apart the current setup to convert to something like Tomcat.

For some reason, when you use the hosts folder option for Resin, contexts constantly appear to restart to FusionReactor. After some back and forth with the Intergral team, they ended up providing a JAR file that resolved this. But the thing to take away here is I'm not yet a paying customer, and they've responded to my requests starting at 7AM EST, and as late as 9:30PM EST at night! I'm waiting on the customer to go ahead with the purchase amount, but team Intergral is a win in my book!