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FarCry 6.x tip of the day

I ran into an issue yesterday that I've not seen before.  I was greated with "fuName" doesn't exist in struct (blah,blah,blah) when editing an object in the webtop.  This object had been edited within the last few days, and I know that I had pushed up a new property to that object name "fuName", but it shouldn't have been an issue.  Editing a random object in the same worked fine, but it was just this one object. 

I reinitialized the application, I cleared all my cache.  I restarted the J2EE service, and apache.  I cleared out over cache folder I could find, but nothing worked.  It was until I started breaking everything out line by line from the error trace that it became apparent that the system was seeing a cached version of the object "somewhere".  That somewhere turned out to be dmWizard. 

So, it appears the dmWizard object holds a cached version of what your working on... but I've not really dug into "why".  Regardless, it was a pretty simple fix, but not simple to find.  If you should ever see the same situation as above, just clear out all the entries in dmWizard and you should be good to go!

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Geoff Bowers's Gravatar Wizards automatically cache their contents keyed by your user profile. This is a great little feature that allows editors to crash out of a wizard and resume where they left off.

But if you go and change the data model behind the scenes currently active wizards will choke when their data doesn't match the change in properties.

This only impacts active wizards for users editing content; ie those with a little lock. You can avoid any troubles by just clearing all current wizards whenever you make a model change.

Hope that helps :)
# Posted By Geoff Bowers | 11/8/11 10:16 PM
Matthew Williams's Gravatar Basically the plp step from the 3.0 days translated into the dmWizard step? I've never actually hit this problem before, so the more information you know, the better. Is that in the dev guide anywhere, or might it be handy to have in the wiki?
# Posted By Matthew Williams | 11/8/11 10:21 PM
Geoff Bowers's Gravatar There is an option under Admin > Developer Tools > Reload Application: Wizards

This option will clear all active wizards for you.
# Posted By Geoff Bowers | 11/8/11 10:37 PM