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My First FarCry library take 3

I finally got some free time to move this project towards completion. And then things went to heck in a handbasket when Daemon decided to change around the code base ;). So, what has changed is that farcry_core is now just core. Projects have moved to a projects folder. And farcry_lib is now plugins. That last is what really affected me. I had to change my customadmin and customlists to reflect this change.

As Stephen mentioned in previous comments, Formtools is just too sexy for itself. I went the easy route for the time being, but will climb the hard road in time.

My three objects still exist, one calling the other using the open library feature of Formtools. The only drawback I can fore see is there is no way to select multiple objects at a time. I'll see if anyone has extended this yet. This is now working smashingly.

Next up, setup the special columns required to send mail through the admin. Then, finally, adding users to lists via the web signup form.

Update: And we have success! You now create a user. Assign the user to a list(s). Assign that list to an email to be distributed, and then send. Full source to be fourth coming as soon as the rule (which can be dropped into a page) and webskin templates are setup. Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow.

Update 2: The rule for adding the massMailer to a page has been created (which was pretty simple). Now the tough part... adding the formtools functionality to the webskin. Since we're attaching a new objectid into the massMailerList object, seems to be the most practical way of doing so. Of course, we could do it by straight database manipulation, but where's the fun in that ;).

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