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My First FarCry library take 2

So, I'm going to need three different objects to accomplish this task. One massMailer, massMailerList and massMailerUser. The massMailer object is the main object, and it contains fields for From, Body, To (shown as a dropdown, but really a link to the massMailerList object), etc. The massMailerList object contains a title, and an array of massMailerUser objects. The massMailerUser object contains things like name, email, date added. Whew. These objects have been deployed, and their associated table data has been created.

Next up, creating the display methods and tweaking code so that Formtools displays the object properties correctly. However, given the lateness of the hour, it's not happening tonight.

Update: Sorry to those who are watching in anticipation of an early completion. Due to sick family members, I can't really finish this up until tomorrow night. On that note... sleep awaits.

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Justin Carter's Gravatar Just wanted to say thanks for the commentary on your FarCry 4 experiences so far, it's good to read about what other people are doing when you don't have time to experiment with it yourself :)
# Posted By Justin Carter | 2/15/07 4:31 AM
Stephen Moretti's Gravatar Is your "To" field a singular person or will you be sending out to many people?
If its singular set the ftType as UUID and ftType of "array" for many.

Either way, use ftJoin="massMailerUser" on the TO property. This will give you the "Open Library" button when your form is generated, allowing you to drag and drop massMailUsers into the To properties in your form.
# Posted By Stephen Moretti | 2/15/07 10:00 AM
Josen Ruiseco's Gravatar I agree with the "Kudos". I have a FarCry project that I have started and am only able to spend a few hours per week on it.

Your tutorial/log will help me get along further with less frustration. And, if you throw in the value added comments by Stephen ....well, what more can one ask for?

# Posted By Josen Ruiseco | 2/15/07 10:47 AM
Matthew Williams's Gravatar Ah, but it shall be cool. I'd already started down that path Stephen. The 'To' field is calling a formtools extension called massMailerList, which will populate a dropdown with all of the massMailerList objects using getMultiplebyQuery (similar to the displayMethod for the core types). However, using the other method would work as well.... too many choices, so little time.
# Posted By Matthew Williams | 2/15/07 10:53 AM
Matthew Williams's Gravatar Oh, and thank ya'll for the support. The goal is edification, both for me, and for anyone else following along. As I mentioned to the FarCry list, a better understanding of "Why" and "How" should help bring more people into the fold.
# Posted By Matthew Williams | 2/15/07 10:55 AM
Stephen Moretti's Gravatar "However, using the other method would work as well.... too many choices, so little time."
It uses pretty AJAX drag and drop stuff.... *nudge* *nudge* you know you want to. ;oD
# Posted By Stephen Moretti | 2/15/07 11:05 AM
Matthew Williams's Gravatar Indeed, I do. So an acceptable solution would be to use both! Choice is good, so it shall be done.
# Posted By Matthew Williams | 2/15/07 11:12 AM