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How to configure a kick ass development setup - day 1

I thought it'd be fun to put out a series of setting up a development environment on you local machine. 

Once upon a time, 10 years ago, all of my development was done from a desktop machine and hosted on a staging version of our website.  That's nice and all, and it worked because I was an army of just one.  Somewhere in the mid piont of the 2000s, it became apparent that I'd need to start hosting this stuff locally, and so began my neverending journey to the perfect dev setup on my laptop.  I'll lay out what I presently use, and maybe someone can take solace in my work.  I've geared this towards windows as, well, it's what I use.  Most of the same information applies to other OS's, but it's not something I can tackle this time around.

The basics we'll go through will be:

  • Eclipse - for developing code, CSS, XML, JS, etc.
  • Java JDK  6 - required for Eclipse
  • CFEclipse - CFML IDE plugin for eclipse
  • Subclipse - plugin to eclipse for talking to subversion
  • Aptana - plugin to eclipse for HTML development, CSS, JS, etc.  Also includes FTP abilities.
  • Adobe CF - Installed in multi-server mode, with CF9 and CF8 running on JRun
  • Railo - Latest Railo version on Tomcat 6
  • Apache - For serving our content.  Yes, I know, Tomcat can do this as well.  But I prefer Apache
  • IIS - Maybe.  I've mostly given up on IIS, and don't use it on any of my machines at present.
  • MySQL 5.x - database engine of choice
  • MSSQL 2008 R2 - because I've still got some clients on MSSQL.
  • Oracle - Maybe.  We'll see.  I have to use it, but you shouldn't be forced into it.

To start us off, we'll grab and configure eclipse.  As a note, everything we do will be going into c:\cf_dev.  Adjust as needed.

And we're done!  One of the nice things that the Aptana studio brings is working with both the file system, or by project, in the left hand tab.  For now, create a new project (you should see create proejct) and call it site1.  Make sure to choose the CFML type of project.  It'll default to our c:\cf_dev\projects folder.  If asked to change to the CFEclipse perspective, I choose "no" as I spend 100% of my time in the Aptana perspective.  We'll grab the Adobe install next time around.

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Phillip Senn's Gravatar The link to Aptana didn't work for me.
# Posted By Phillip Senn | 10/25/11 11:25 AM
Matthew Williams's Gravatar Can you be more specific? It's not working when you attempt to add it as a software source in eclipse?
# Posted By Matthew Williams | 10/25/11 4:59 PM
Matthew Williams's Gravatar I think this may be an issue with Aptana. It's not returning a valid request.
# Posted By Matthew Williams | 10/25/11 5:02 PM