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New Railo plans and pricing

Crazy, crazy world out there.  It looks like I may get a green flag to have my company, Geodesic GraFX, on the community page at getrailo.org.  I wouldn't be hosting today without a great open source product like Railo, and I'm flattered to be given a chance to have my name out there as a recommended host.

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Phillip Senn's Gravatar Let me know when you do. I'm also looking for a node.js host. Unless I'm thinking wrong. I was thinking to use node.js the same I use ColdFusion - to have someone else host it for me.
# Posted By Phillip Senn | 10/19/11 1:56 PM
Phillip Senn's Gravatar Eclipse and not ColdFusion builder?
# Posted By Phillip Senn | 10/24/11 11:24 AM
Matthew Williams's Gravatar For a few reasons. The main one being everything included here is basically free to use and open sourced. Yes, Adobe CF is closed, but it is at least free to use for development, and it retains all the enterprise features.
* I've used Eclipse and the various plugins for a good long time before CFBuilder was around.
* CFBuilder is not free. Yes, it has a "lite" version, but then you lose all the enterprise level stuff.
* I've never used RDS features.

If you were to install CFBuilder, you could skip the Aptana + CFEclipse step (since it's basically in there), but the other subclipse plugin would still apply.
# Posted By Matthew Williams | 10/24/11 3:16 PM