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Why does the passing lane patroler exist?

Why, oh why does that guy/gal in the passing lane believe it his right, no.. his duty to determine the speed of travel for the interstate? You have four-five lanes to choose from, but your express lane evangelical butt is glued in that left hand lane, isn't it?

The fact traffic is clear for a mile in front of you should be the first clue to move into another lane. The fact that the majority of traffic is also passing you on the right hand side should be the second. And for those that feel that doing this is justification to "save lives" should take into account that having to pass on the right might prove more dangerous than if the speeder du jour had just been left in peace in that left hand lane to begin with.

Think about it, most of the other slower moving traffic is going to be in those right hand lanes. Forcing someone to go around in those lanes is just begging for a mishap.

So ends the rant for the day...

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