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You learn something new every day!

I had to complete a disaster recovery project this week. We do this annually for one of our clients (yay for preparedness!) for one of their ColdFusion sites. I've got a run book and all that and was prepared to reinstall ColdFusion and copy in their EAR to redeploy the application. Until I had a conversation with a coworker: Him> Did they restore your data yet? Me> Yep, I'm just getting ready to reinstall ColdFusion and- Him> Re-install? Isn't everything already there? Me> Well, yeah, but. Wait... huh. I bet I could just run the jrunsvc command, and..

So it turns out, if you don't need search, .NET, LiveCycle or ODBC services, you can just restore ColdFusion from a a backup to your file system. All you really need (minus those other pieces) is to run the jrunsvc command to install a new ColdFusion service in the the services console and to run the wsconfig.jar to connect IIS to JRun (or, if you restore the website from a file, all of that is already there). My runbook went from something like 30 steps down to about 4. Color me happy. And when you think about it, it makes sense. Since it's all built atop Java (minus the other services) there's no reason to go through the installer. You can probably install those other components but I don't really need them, so I don't care to find out how at present. But still, this is a handy little tid bit.

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