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Might be the newest Railo case study

May wonders never cease. AJ Mercer and I were having a chat about FarCry, and the conversation turned to Railo hosting. I did catch the post from Sean about needing more marketing by us (the people in the trenches), but didn't really think myself a candidate for this. But, AJ pointed out it'd make for a good case study.

So, I've submitted my information to Gert, and I guess we'll see if it shows up on the case study page. I haven't look over the sites we host in awhile, but it surprised me to see it's up to 30+ as of now. It truly wouldn't be possible, at least on a VPS plan such as those that linode.com offers, without a great product like Railo. Way to go, team Railo, I eagerly await Railo 4.0!

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Phillip Senn's Gravatar Does linode offer Microsoft SQL Server?
# Posted By Phillip Senn | 9/6/11 12:50 PM
Matthew Williams's Gravatar They only offer Linux based plans, so no MSSQL available.
# Posted By Matthew Williams | 9/6/11 1:23 PM