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Good bye LLC, we hardly knew ye

Tis a sad, sad day. I've been informed by the banker lady that in order to not exceed financial limits placed on a mortgage I'm seeking, I'm going to be required to dissolve my LLC. Bugger.

However, on a happier note, our house hunting is over. An offer has been made, and if it's accepted, we'll be moving in somewhere in March. At the very least with the weather being what it is in NC, it should be fairly mild, if not downright pleasant.

So, on to work. I'm thinking my next post is going to be about creating *. CERTs and using them in IIS, or maybe the start of my next FarCry library. I'm thinking of doing a webstore and seeing how that flies. Should be fun! I'm also preparing to take my CF exam to become "Certified" and all that.

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