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Cool, I'm a Railo case study!

I'd like to thank AJ Mercry for the push to submit my story, Gert Franz and Micha for offering the platform, and the Railo community for helping me sort out issues the last few years.

Without Railo, I'd not be able to have the server offerings that exist today.  That's not a kang on Adobe ColdFusion, merely saying that without open source tools (apache/mysql/eclipse/subversion), I'd have to charge much higher prices, and shove more clients on a server just to break even.

Thank you Railo community, I can't wait for the goodies coming down the pipe!

Link to the case study is here

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Phillip Senn's Gravatar I'm looking for someone to offer node.js plus Microsoft SQL Server plus ColdFusion.
# Posted By Phillip Senn | 9/9/11 10:33 PM
Matthew Williams's Gravatar I'm having a go at installing node.js under the restricted user accounts my hosting offers, but it'd be node.js + MySQL + Railo hosting.
# Posted By Matthew Williams | 9/10/11 9:41 AM