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Alton Brown Manifesto aka dude, I'm so there with you.

Be forewarned, this will not be in any way technical or ColdFusion related at all.

I follow Alton Brown, Scott Mosier, Jason Mewes, and Kevin Smith and Bruce Campbell on social media.  That's it, as far as celebrities go.  Alton is the only TV personality. Mewes, Smith and Mosier are all kick ass Viewaskew folks.  Bruce?  C'mon, Xiana, Evil Dead, Brisco County... guy is just witty as hell.  Even on twitter.

Alton is going on a book tour to promote his latest book, and he's released a fanifesto on what he expects from his fans.  It's mostly common sense, but it brings to mind something I think about on a semi-casual basis.

That thought, as boring as it may be, is this.  I'd LOVE to meet some of the celebs that make great art that enriches my life. But to meet them, I mean nothing more than a smile, handshake, and a "Thanks.  Thanks for making a difference, even just for 90 minutes, in my life".  That's honestly where it would end for me. And maybe that's strange to most folks, but I cannot ever see being able to make small talk with folks outside the technical community.  I don't ever want to be "friends" with these folks, as I just don't see there being a common view point for sharing.

I felt a bit like this at NCDevCon as well.  It was great just to shake Ray and Ben's hands.  I guess the only difference there, is they're far more interactive within the social community.  And that again works for me, as that's the best medium for me to communicate.

Color me strange, but just some random thoughts for the end of the day.

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