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Thank you team Intergral!

As mentioned on the last post, I used FusionReactor to help with tracking down memory issues. I'm not new to the FR boat, as we've used it on my day job for several years to help keep the various CF servers operating under large amounts of load. I've not really dealt with support, beyond requesting activation help, before this past week.

However, that all changed this week. I run Railo/Resin and Apache on all of my current hosted projects, the main reason being Railo is pretty darn fast, and at the right price. Yes, I get that Resin is pretty out dated, but I've not had time to rip apart the current setup to convert to something like Tomcat.

For some reason, when you use the hosts folder option for Resin, contexts constantly appear to restart to FusionReactor. After some back and forth with the Intergral team, they ended up providing a JAR file that resolved this. But the thing to take away here is I'm not yet a paying customer, and they've responded to my requests starting at 7AM EST, and as late as 9:30PM EST at night! I'm waiting on the customer to go ahead with the purchase amount, but team Intergral is a win in my book!

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