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Completely off topic, but humans are just a lost cause

Last night I had an argument with some lady that's some damn stupid, that it bares repeating.

Every now and then the missus and I have a brain lapse and take the kids to Chuck E Cheese. They enjoy it, but I don't know of many parents that do ;). At any rate, I was put in charge of holding a twin and following one of the older kids around. At the time I was shadowing our two year old.

My daughter decided to play some skeeball. Now, I don't mind skeeball. It's fairly fun, and I used to enjoy a good round in my youth. We show up at the lanes (they have maybe 6?) to find a youth and her grandmum... least, that's seemed to be the correct age grouping. This pair was using the middle lanes, and grammy's purse was occupying a third. The purse isn't actually beside grammy, it's another lane over yet (why? beats me). Beside the purse, some dude is using the ball drop area to hold his cup of coins whilst playing the basketball game. So, that leaves my daughter and I the lane next to grammy.

Alright, we shoot in our coin, and the two year old gives it a fair try. She didn't get a single ball up the lane but I threw the missed balls back up the ramp for her. And for the first time in my life, actually hit one of those blasted 100k holes. Sweeeet. Anyway, we finish up at 300k points, grab our tickets and start walking away. And that's when the fun started...

Ignorant Woman: "Excuse me, you're taking my tickets"

Me: "No ma'am, these are our tickets"

IW: "No, you're taking my tickets"

Me: "Ma'am, these are our tickets. They came from this machine"

IW: "No, they're mine."

Me: "Ma'am, you're tickets come out beside you. Look."

IW: "No, those are her tickets. Your's must be broken"

Me: "Ma'am... look at the machine. You can see where they're connected. These are our tickets."

IW: "No, those are my tickets"

And it's at this point I realized that Ron White is correct. You can get a face lift, a boob job, cosmetically address imperfections. But you can't fix stupid. My brain just tripped a circuit. I found myself thinking, "wait... we're arguing about the equivalent of 25 cents... maybe 20 tickets? WTF??". So I said to the ignorant woman, "you know what? You can have the tickets. Allie, (the two year old this woman was effectively taking tickets from) give her the tickets." And damn, if she didn't do me proud. My two year old just threw the tickets at this woman's feet and we just walked away.

Honestly, I was thinking on it later, and my point would have been proved by putting another quarter in the machine. It would have spit another ticket or two out as your "freebie". However, this just wasn't a teachable moment. At this point I'm just happy we didn't get thrown out of chuck's (well... am I really happy about that? hmmm), but damn I hate ignorant folks.

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jonathan's Gravatar hilarious
# Posted By jonathan | 8/4/09 3:54 PM
Alan McCollough's Gravatar Chuck E. Cheese is, well, how do I put this, well, some day your daughter will outgrow it, and you'll be free of it for a while. Of course, she'll probably grow up into fine young woman and have her own children, and you'll be roped back there again as a grandparent.

So, when that day comes when she outgrows the ratly one, be glad and enjoy your years of respite before you return to the temple of dom.
# Posted By Alan McCollough | 8/4/09 6:48 PM
Jeff Coughlin's Gravatar lol, that was great. Your daughter did you proud :)
# Posted By Jeff Coughlin | 9/17/09 4:02 AM