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So... is adsense bad?

I've decided to put an adsense pod on the site. Please don't misinterprate my intentions! If not a single person clicks an ad, no skin off my nose. If, however, I mange to break the 100 dollar mark, the family is going to Chuckee Cheese! Seriously, it gives me a break given that it's winter time in a REALLY small house ;). So, don't click if you don't want. I'm not trying to make a living off of these ads, but opinions are welcome.

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Kevin Sargent's Gravatar NO! NOT BAD.

How some people use them is not cool, plastered all over, to tightly blended into content, a website of NO VALUE with ads all over.

The 100-$200 / month step might take time, but it's easily attainable. I would not expect much from a technical oriented blog though. the visitors of anything tech related sites block ads either mentally or with software / plug ins.

My best $$ site is consumer level - my worst is tech.
# Posted By Kevin Sargent | 2/15/07 5:27 PM
charlie griefer's Gravatar i've made $3.05 to date (about 3-4 weeks now)...which is $3.05 more than i expected to make, really.

so why do i have the ads up at all? same as you. if i break $100, it's a nice dinner out with the wife with relatively little effort put into it.
# Posted By charlie griefer | 2/15/07 7:14 PM
Matthew Williams's Gravatar OK, cool. That jives with how I feel about these, and if the ads are too obnoxious, away they go.
# Posted By Matthew Williams | 2/15/07 10:26 PM
Kevin's Gravatar honestly, I didn't even notice them. Good and Bad. Good = not annoying. Bad = no one else will see them either.

If you're interested in experiencing adsense, start a new www on a topic that you truly enjoy that is not tech related. I say give it a go.
# Posted By Kevin | 2/16/07 1:13 AM
Matthew Williams's Gravatar Thanks for the support ya'll. It's much appreciated.
# Posted By Matthew Williams | 2/16/07 11:07 PM
Sentiant's Gravatar I use adsense to hopeful fund in part my kids college. Its my pleasure to support your site. Hope the kids have a good cheesy pizza!
# Posted By Sentiant | 1/24/09 2:18 PM