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Next up on deck... My First FarCry lib!

I'll add to this post, hopefully to completion, tomorrow. At one point, I had a fairly decent mass mailer set up in FarCry 2.x/3.x. I left that employer but still have most of the code required. It was a modification of the dmEmail object to allow for the a list of emails to be inserted into a variable via CFFILE. You'd upload the list to the server, then import said list to an array.

So, I'm working on site for my son's preschool, and it would be helpful to have similar functionality. But, with a twist. I want the library to capture emails into subscription pools, then use these pools to send out the various emails. The idea being that those looking to get updates from the preschool will join one (or more) of the mailing lists, then receive updates based on the list that was joined. I'll be placing this into the new FarCry 4.0 library feature and making the code available here, and on the FarCry lists/wiki.

Update: I've seriously underestimated this task. Much has changed under the hood of FarCry that I'm only just getting back into. At the moment, the extension to formtools has been created. Dang is that a cool new feature ;). I've got the main display item for Mass Mail distribution 90% complete. But, I've run into an issue of making aObjectIDs for the underlying list emails that gets called. This has REALLY changed, and will take a little more time to deconstruct. It's late, I'm off for now.

Update2: Please bear with me. There's not much going to be accomplished today. I'll try finishing up tonight, but we'll take the day as it comes.

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Stephen Moretti's Gravatar mmmm Formtools.....

So much code goes in the bin when you start using formtools and that's just the attributes on the your custom datatype properties.

ps. the captcha has finally vanished ;)
# Posted By Stephen Moretti | 2/14/07 12:18 PM
Matthew Williams's Gravatar Yeah... the captcha thing. Turns out it's a permissions issue writting out of the UI to the blog ini file. I still need to get the captha thing sorted, but it's way back in the list of priorities though.
# Posted By Matthew Williams | 2/14/07 12:35 PM