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on Continual site issues...

It looks like I've been given the green flag to move from one shared server to different shared server. Hopefully this clears up issues I've been seeing with the availability of this site. I rather wish I had the cash to go dedicated, but that cannot happen at this time. Eventually it'll happen again, but for now, sorry for the inconvenience!

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James Holmes's Gravatar I recently got sick of this kind of thing with my host and switched to a VPS with Viviotech. I don't know what you currently pay but it's worth considering because it's a lot cheaper than dedicated.
# Posted By James Holmes | 2/13/07 7:43 PM
Matthew Williams's Gravatar Well, if the move doesn't affect any changes, I may have to think of moving. I just really enjoyed this host when I had a dedicated server through them. I've also heard good things about hostmysite.com
# Posted By Matthew Williams | 2/13/07 9:42 PM
James Holmes's Gravatar I just left HostMySite because of server problems...
# Posted By James Holmes | 2/14/07 4:13 AM
Matthew Williams's Gravatar Ah, well, then I guess that knocks them out of contention.
# Posted By Matthew Williams | 2/14/07 8:42 AM