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Where the heck do ya'll find the time?

I just can't seem to get into the swing of this blog post a day deal. Heck, I barely have enough time to even get enough sleep throughout a day. How the heck do ya'll bang out so many blog posts over the course of a week?

Even though it appears that no one cares about my FarCry railo install piece, it'll likely take me about 8-10 hours of total setup time to get a working install done. I don't really mind if no one sees it... I'm doing this because I have to have a working install within the next few weeks to satisfy a customer project. Maybe I need to start aiming for the lower hanging fruit or something?

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Steve 'Cutter' Blades's Gravatar Time? Who has time? I just had a side project fall out from under me, because the principle lost his funding, and I still don't have time, what with another book to work on, etc.

When you figure out 'Time' let me know, would ya? ;)
# Posted By Steve 'Cutter' Blades | 7/9/09 7:47 PM
Matthew Williams's Gravatar Surely, I will ;). Heck, I'm struggling to write two paragraphs... I need to start a non sequitur blog up, it might be a better demographic.
# Posted By Matthew Williams | 7/9/09 8:09 PM
Jules Gravinese's Gravatar I've pondered same. Between finding work, and doing it, and being a father and husband... I barely get 6 hrs sleep. And that's with 0 'me' time. No time to fly a heli, play a video game, update my stale site, or write blog posts.
Maybe most bloggers are doing it from work?
# Posted By Jules Gravinese | 7/9/09 9:23 PM
Matthew Bryant's Gravatar "Even though it appears that no one cares about my FarCry railo install piece"...
I assure you I care about this piece and am eager for the next installment to see how you are getting on.
# Posted By Matthew Bryant | 7/10/09 1:12 AM
Matthew Williams's Gravatar Freelance> I've always wanted to go the R/C Heli route... just never could find the time... and I'm reluctant to pick up any hobby where spare parts are a requirement ;). If I ever get the funds, micro Heli is the next toy on my list. I did pick up an Parkzone Cessna a ways back that's been a blast, and also a Traxxas e-Rustler. The Parkzone is parked until I can get a new elevator/rudder foam replacement. The Traxxas is great, but hard to find the time when I can actually get outside to use it.

Mat> I'm always just tickled pink to find the daemonites taking an interest. It turns out that when you create a blog post in advance, but release it a different day, the SES URLs got shot all to hell. You couldn't go to the last two posts directly, so I figured no one was reading them. Problem solved as a refresh of the cache flushed it out. Part 2 is up, but not nearly as exiting. I've got Railo ready to go, next up is getting Railo up to .016, FarCry downloaded, and a MySQL database created to accept our install and datasource.
# Posted By Matthew Williams | 7/10/09 2:36 AM
Jules Gravinese's Gravatar Try this :)
I got one last year, when the economy wasn't in the crapper.

Cheap, easy to fly. Survives crashes quite well. I bought spare main and tail rotors - never needed them!
# Posted By Jules Gravinese | 7/10/09 5:34 PM