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Odd FarCry 3.1 problem on CF 9

By way of the grapevine, I was hooked up with a client in DC that had upgraded their server from CFMX 7.x to CF 9.x.  There were some issues with built-in functions in the older FarCry code, but that was corrected by the team at Myriad.  The front end was working fine, but the FarCry admin was giving a blank page.

In the past, I've seen this with older versions of Railo and built-in functions clashing, and that was the assumption I went with.  Alas, that turned out to not be it.  However, there were clues in the error logs of the CFadmin.  Essentially, it was going into an odd loop looking for a file called "apps.cfm".  Ahhhh, that file.  It's been a while, but that file controls how the admin finds projects against the URL you're coming in from.

Once I put a call to <cfset stApps['site.local'] = 'farcry_site'>, the FarCry admin started working on my local test.  Rock on! 

It was a fun little adventure for a weekend.  I thought, should anyone else run into this, it'd be nice to document it for future reference.

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