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Add bulk file uploads to FarCry 5.x

If you look in the content administration section of the FarCry admin, you'll find a handy little flex tool for uploading multiple images. Sadly, there is no matching tool for uploading bulk documents.

Have no fear, as the source will set you free! The flex UI component that pulls off the Image uploads is also available from the Daemonites at http://svn1.cvsdude.com/modius/farcry/flexUI/multipleImageUploader/trunk/. It is, however, a tad out of date. And unless you know flex... it's a bit of a pain as well to get it up and running. However, I've included a handy little zip that contains a complete working flex project if you should so choose.

So, I changed the flex UI piece to be named "Multiple Files Upload" and also changed the default CFM files being called (you can pass values in) to the correct file upload pieces. The files you'll need are:


You'll also need to add a link to the webtop in your customadmin\customadmin.xml like (this goes into the current "content" section):

<subsection id="contentpublishing" sequence="10" label="Content Publishing">
            <menu id="MediaLibraryContent" sequence="20" label="Media Assets">
                <menuitem id="bulkfileupload" sequence="31" label="Bulk File Upload" link="/admin/multipleFilesUploader.cfm" />

Reload your application, and that's it. You should now have the ability to upload multiple flies (.pdf, .doc, .zip only... you can modify the flex/swf to accept other attachments as well).

UPDATE: I added a new URL param, fileList and extension. You can now control the file list through the multipleFilesUploader.cfm. Updated the zip to reflect this.


PNG not showing using Built-in JRun webserver

My friend Michael blogged about an issue he was having with viewing PNG files when using the built-in JRun webserver. Just in case this should ever happen to you, here's the link.

It appears I didn't get the link right. It's fixed now.

Same look, newer engine

I upgraded to BlogCFC today. I'm trying to eliminate some of the spam I've been seeing (without resulting to approving all comments). We'll see how it works.

Error when entering lots of text view the body tag of a FarCry content item

I forgot that I've seen this before, but I had a client trying to enter text (quite a bit, in fact) and it kept failing. After finally getting all of the information on the incident, it turns out that the following error was being generated:

ErrorContext WDDX packet parse error at line 1, column 32001.
Message WDDX packet parse error at line 1, column 32001. XML
document structures must start and end within the same entity..
StackTrace coldfusion.wddx.WddxDeserializationException: WDDX
packet parse error at line 1, column 32001. XML document
structures must start and end within the same entity

I google'd around a bit before I found the answer. We're storing the body field as a CLOB (at least, I'm pretty sure that's what it is). The default buffer size for this in the ColdFusion administrator is 32k. My text input went beyond that. Whoops. So, I made sure to check the box for CLOB (and turned on BLOB for good measure) and set the size to 128k. Problem solved, and now they can enter a very long string of text into the database. Just throwing this out there in case anyone else stumbles upon this issue.